What is the Bright Partners Program?

Brightleaf Imaging developed the Bright Partner Program to meet a need of factory dealers and OEM’s. This need, to be able to offer your clients solutions in every imaging modality – to one-stop-shop – to be able to assist your clients that can’t afford new, to be able to offer trade-in incentives for any product line and manufacturer, and, ultimately, to be able to compete with any other OEM and their potentially more complete product line, is the need Bright Partners fulfills!

How does it work?

Bright Partners represents an agreement to work as an ally, not competitor, during your sales process. Bright Partners will help you close deals that might otherwise have been difficult, if not impossible. From providing market data on your customer’s systems, to trade-in values and money for that used equipment, to the acquisition and installation of refurbished equipment for your clients, we will be there to provide a professional relationship, tailored to your needs. When dealing with your customers used equipment- We will handle all aspects of its secure removal, making that logistical problem a non-issue for you! Through the Partnership, you will enable an entirely new market for your firm, and provide for yourself a complete portfolio of imaging equipment and services.

With Bright Partners, the Dealer decides when to include Brightleaf in its sales strategy. Whenever your firm desires our assistance, we will be there! Again, the Bright Partners Program is an agreement to work together to achieve our mutual sales goals. There is no obligation other than to agree to a trustworthy relationship designed to benefit our joint efforts.

What does it cost?

As a Bright Partner, there is no cost to participate. Brightleaf Imaging benefits from the arrangement through the equipment we may acquire through a dealer’s transaction with their customers. Our continued ability to have steady sources of used imaging equipment is important to our business. Also, Brightleaf’s relationship with the Dealer will provide opportunities for us to place refurbished imaging equipment with Dealer customers.

From our vantage point, we see not participating in the Bright Partners Program as a significant cost to the dealer! By the very nature of its design, Bright Partners see an elevated level of success for both the dealer and Brightleaf. It represents a symbiotic relationship that ultimately leads to a better experience for our customers and to an enhanced bottom line.

Key Advantages:

  • Dealers, we are an ally, not a competitor. Bright Partners represent a strategic alliance between our organizations.
  • Dealers, you have the choice to keep us completely anonymous or introduce us in the same way you would introduce a product specialist from one of your existing product lines.
  • On systems provided by Brightleaf, Dealers will have ZERO responsibility for ongoing service or maintenance if desired. /li>
  • Bright Partners allows your customers the ability to One Stop Shop!
  • Dealers, you no longer have to risk losing a deal to an OEM with a more complete product line!
  • You will finally have a solution for customers that cannot afford new.
  • Or, for customers with multiple modality needs, only a portion of which can be purchased new, a solution will now be available!
  • Dealers will be able to utilize trades outside of their existing product lines! We can offer a trade in value towards a new purchase on any old system in the facility.
  • Your Bottom Line. Dealers, when you can offer more …when you can more effectively service your customers needs…all parties win. We can help you be more!

How To Get Started:

Contact us today and we will gather some basic information about your firm, product information, and appropriate contacts. If you’ve gone through our website, first, we will follow-up, immediately, with a phone call, allowing us the opportunity to get to know each other, and to discuss current projects. Then, expect a visit from us! Beyond effective communication, there’s nothing more important in a partnership than face time! That’s it! That’s how you get started! We look forward to hearing from you!