Fee Per Scan Options

The equipment you need without the risk

Fee-per-scan payment plans have become increasingly popular in recent years. A fee-per-scan solution may be the perfect fit for a facility where their imaging system needs are greater than their cash on hand. While there are many effective approaches, ultimately the medical facility will directly compensate the owner of the equipment with a fee for each scan. Per-scan fees can range from $300-$700 depending on equipment costs and the terms of the agreement. With a higher volume of scans, facilities will typically pay less allowing them a greater share of the revenue. With little or no initial cost the fee-per-scan approach may be the perfect fit for you.

This program works very well where there has previously only been mobile MRI and the desire is to become a fixed site without all the significant expense. Although MRI has led the way with fee-per-scan solutions it is also a viable option for many other modalities.While many vendors are not yet promoting fee-per-scan solutions, at Brightleaf we believe it is a creative way for us to partner with facilities like yours to ensure all of your patients needs are met.